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Embarrassment Reigns

Villarreal showed up in bits and pieces today. Although one could argue that without all nine internationals (including Nihat and Godin), there were not many players left to put up a fight, these three consecutive losses have shown us some problems with the depth the squad is supposed to have. The "second string", if you will, are simply not cutting it. And although Pellegrini might say all day that the results in preseason do not matter, 1-5 is simply an embarassment.

Bright spots for the day centered around Rossi and Altidore. Both created a number of chances in the second half, and should be commended. But the defense - even with a called-up defender in the middle (who scored the only goal, mind you), the defense should not - cannot - give up five goals. Especially considering Diego Lopez was in goal.

To make matters worse, Pires was pulled out with muscle issues. No word yet on his condition.

Things need to turn around. Perhaps, though, I am overly concerned. But all I know is that dating back to the Reus match, we have played poorly all around.

On completely unrelated news (or is it?), Villarreal have been linked with Fabio Grosso, the Italian international leftback who currently plays for Lyon.