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Match Preview: Zaragoza - Villarreal

VIllarreal take on Zaragoza tomorrow for the City of Tereul Trophy. As mentioned below, Villarreal will be bringing the same squad as was trotted out against Liverpool:

Goalkeepers: Diego López and Sebastián Viera.
Defenders: Javi Venta, Gonzalo, Godin, Ángel, Cygan and Fuentes.
Midfielders: Pires, Edmilson, Eguren, Cani, Ibagaza, Mati Fernández, Bruno and Jordi Pablo.
Strikers: Guille Franco, Llorente and Joan Tomás.

Notice the Captain, Josico was not included in the squad, as Villarreal waits a concrete offer from Fenerbaçe. Also, Senna, Capdevila and Cazorla are not available, as they are still getting up to speed at la Ciudad Deportiva, and will hopefully join up with the squad next week.

I can imagine the squad will start similar to the Liverpool match. I can guarantee Cani will start, as he plays the club of his youth. My expectation of the starting lineup looks like this:

Diego Lopez

Javi Venta - Gonzalo - Godín - Ángel

Cani - Eguren - Edmilson -Mati



Of course, Pellegrini could give Ibagaza another shot on the wing and let Mati play the withdrawn striker, or he could go with his traditional 4-4-2 and put both Llorente and Guille, or Llorente and Mati in.

Zaragoza still carries, by my research, some very impressive names: Diego Milito, Sergio Garcia, Ricardo Oliviera, Peter Luccin, and the traitor defender who shall not be named. It will not be an easy match, by any stretch of the imagination. Zaragoza are surely unhappy with relegation, and will be aiming to make a one-and-done year in the second division. A victory over Villarreal, even in a preseason match, might just give them the confidence to do that.

I am all for destroying that confidence with a 0-5 victory, but, it is only preseason . . . . I expect Villarreal to win, and despite the fact that it is preseason, getting a couple of goals is important after the squad's impotence against Reus and Liverpool. If Mati gets the start, like I think he will, I am looking for him to really pour it on and move in on Pires' starting spot. But, that may just be wishful thinking. My "prediction" as to the final score: 1-3.