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Villarreal v Valladolid

Right so I just tuned in as the second half began, it's currently in the 48th minute, so as I tuned in I saw that we were 1-0 up. The half began and then in the first 2 minutes our defense went missing and Valladolid scored 2 goals! 2 goals in 2 minutes! So the score is now 2-1.

D.Lopez,Venta, Fuentes, Kiko, Angel, Bruno, Edmilson, Ibagaza, Cani, Pires (Altidore 49') Llorente

Altidore has just come on for Pires, I'm gonna figure out the lineup now...

52, Altidore with a great turn and shot from distance, good save from the keeper and good start from Jozy!

57, More skill from Jozy on the edge of the box, ball is just nicked away from him for a corner!

60, Ibagaza slips in Altidore but his cross is hacked away. Were playing better now.

61, And as I say that Valladolid score, our defense has been absolutely terrible, this is painful to watch! 1-3 Valladolid

63, 1-4 Valladolid, no comment! :/

65, Should have been 5, Goitom misses an open goal. We are being ripped apart.

66, I think Escudero may have played the 1st half, at least thats the jist I can get from the commentators.

69, We have a corner, we actually made it to their half!

70, Double substitution on our part, Josico for Javi Venta and Giuseppe Rossi for Llorente. Maybe Josico can add a bit of bite to central midfield because Bruno and Edmilson have looked very tame. Bruno moves to left back, Angel to right back and Josico slots into the middle.

71, Kiko ( the young centreback) is having a bit of a nightmare!

73, Rossi forces a good save out of the keeper. He looks sharp.

76, Rossi wonderfully weaves his way past 4 men and tees Cani up, unfortunately Cani drags his shot wide!

78, Ibagaza plays Altidore in but the keeper is out very quickly to smother the American.

79, Diego Lopez gives away a penalty, a clear penalty's now 5-1 to Valladolid, yes that's right 5-1!

86, Not much happening, people leaving, Pellegrini looking troubled.

88, Good link up play from Altidore and Rossi puts Altidore through, he shows his pace and uses his strength to muscle out the defender, gets his shot away but it was straight at the keeper. Jozy has been the only positive from this second half.

Game over. Villarreal 1 - 5 Valladolid

Result says it all really, I will try and find some more positives tomorrow.