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Villarreal's Carranza Bloodbath


marca.comThis picture about sums it up. (Just after Eguren delivered a nice headbutt). Check back here for updates on Godín's status. This season's matchups against the rojiblancos are going to be fun.

UPDATE: Well, we are going to have to wait to find out if Godín is suffering from a major injury. Tonight he is staying at the hospital at the Universitario Puerta del Mar of Cadiz to determine how bad the chop to the right leg was. For those who did not get to see it, he was fighting off Duscher of Sevilla to get to the ball, and as he placed his right leg down, Duscher broke into a violent tackle, kicking Godín hard in the shin, causing his ankle to turn somewhere between 50 and 75 degrees (my estimate) while all his weight was on it. He was stretchered off. The injury took all of the life out of Villarreal.

Hopefully the news tomorrow will be good. Either way, our team with "too much depth" suddenly looks a lot shakier when a starting center-back goes down, and Cygan is nursing a sore knee.

UPDATE 2: Great news! Godín has escaped serious injury. He suffered a heavy bruising of his right fibula, just above the ankle. He will be out until the bruise heals, but a bruise takes a lot less time than a broken ankle!

Also, Eguren suffered a bruise on his right hand, but was able to practice with the squad this morning before the consolation match. I will be back soon with a match preview.