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Match Update: Sevilla - Villarreal

--And that is the match. Sevilla 2-0 Villarreal. Truly, a night to forget for Villarreal. Perhaps it will help them remember that they are human after not having lost since April. Villarreal did not once truly challenge the goal. They lost their cool multiple times, brought down about a half dozen yellows and two reds. Also, what looks like it could be a serious injury to Godin. This is not what we were hoping to get out of this tournament.

--Godin down after a vicious kick to the shin. Fuentes is coming on for him. He might have really injured his ankle. This tournament is pure bad news for us.

--Yellow for Angel in the 90th. Amazing he did not pick one up after going out a Sevilla player earlier too.

--84: Joan Tomas for Franco.

--83: Josico on for Senna.

--77th: Mati in for Cani. Cani played well today, but lacked the finishing effectiveness.

--And of course, that feed stopped working. Great save by Sevilla on a Franco shot in the 76th. It started working again, so I am on pause for the moment.

--And this semi-live blog is going on hold for 15 minutes...a better feed is here: , but it is 15 minutes slow. But so much happened over the last 15 minutes, I do not mind watching it again!

--Diego Lopez comes on for Ibagaza in the 66th.

--And now the game is completely out of hand. Cani picks up a yellow for fouling Capel. Capel retaliates against someone, then both Viera and Capel get reds. Villarreal are down to 9 men, and Sevilla to 10. I guess, if you think about it, we might be better off now with Capel out and Lopez in...

--The game is getting feistier, as a Sevillian player gets a yellow for a tackle on Ibagaza. Cazorla comes on for Llorente in the 59th.

--Yellow for Senna for a hard tackle on Capel in the 56th, and then Eguren headbutts Capel, earning himself a red card and closing out Villarreal's hopes.

--51st, Viera manages a save to his lower-left.

--Whistle puts it at half, but the festivities do not end there. Nihat does not back away from getting his argument in...

--A scrum in the 45th, and Gonzalo is in danger of picking up a second yellow.

--44th: Should've, could've been 3-0 on a shot from Jesus Navas that goes wide.

--38th minute: Cani goes for a cheeky shot - should have put some power in it, and he wasted it.

--35th minute: A lot of the possession is flowing through Cani, and he is playing well.

--Finally some decent possession beginning in the 29th minute.

--Just after Gonzalo picks up a yellow card in the 26th, Sevilla scores a second goal in the 27th. It is now Sevilla 2-0 Villarreal, and we are being severely outclassed.

--Franco picked up a yellow card somewhere around the 23rd minute, along with a Sevilla player.

--Sevilla 1-0 Villarreal. Luis Fabiano scores in the 17th minute, with a very nice first touch.