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Olympics and Carranza News

Well, Jozy will be back with the team soon. The Americans crashed out of the Olympics with a 2-1 loss to Nigeria. Altidore played 45 minutes in the match, but after failing to score, was subbed out at the half. I know it is disappointing for him, but now he can at least having his ankle checked out, and will have a little more time to acquaint himself with Villarreal.

Italy won their group, without having to put forth too much effort, drawing with Cameroon 0-0. Rossi played the entire match. Although I have not seen anything on it, it seems that his lower-back pain has not been causing him any trouble, based on his minutes.

El Trofeo Ramón de Carranza

Pires may not play this weekend, because of a bit of superstition. The last time he played in Cádiz, he seriously injured his knee and was out of action for 7 months. He will, of course, leave the choice up to Pellegrini, but it is probably not a great idea to put someone on the pitch who is already feeling tentative - that just makes injuries more likely.

Villarreal will also be without Edmilson for the Carranza tournament. He came down with a bad case of tonsilitis. Hopefully he will get better soon and be able to rejoin the team. Not your typical soccer injury, but I guess our medical examiners missed the fact that he still had his tonsils! ;)