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News Bits

First, the squad is in Jerez to continue its preparation for the season, with the Carranza Trophy coming up this weekend. Villarreal takes on Sevilla on Friday in their semifinal. In addition to the full squad (including Nihat), Pellegrini has also brought in Joan Tomás y Cristóbal for training.

Injury Update: A few issues. First, as pointed out by a comment (thank you), Jozy Altidore is not at 100%. His left ankle, which he injured before being bought by Villarreal, has continued to trouble him. He said, "It's still bothering me. I get it looked at every day, just trying to get it better and better, but it seems to be something that when I get back to my club maybe I need to have someone else look at it."

Also, four players (in addition to Nihat) sat out of practice yesterday. Three are minor concerns - Cani bruised his thigh, Mati and Edmilson each slightly strained a muscle. The injury causing more concern is that to Cygan. He strained a ligament in his left knee. Hopefully none will be too much of a cause for concern, but I will keep things updated here.