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Olympics Update

Villarreal continues to shine in international competitions. Today, in Italy's 3-0 win over Korea, Rossi provided the spark in the 15th minute with his second goal of the tournament. Altidore was again snubbed when it came to starting, but he proved his worth after coming on in the 66th minute, scoring a mere 6 minutes later in the 72nd. More later, including highlights.

UPDATE: Rossi highlight. Truly an incredible goal. Please watch with the volume all the way up.

UPDATE 2: I *think* you can watch video of Altidore's goal here. Unfortunately, thanks to NBC's technology, I cannot watch it on my Mac.

UPDATE 3: Here is a link to Altidore's goal. Watch it quickly - I am sure NBC will force Youtube to take it down soon enough!

UPDATE FINAL: Here is Jozy's goal (along with two others from the US match).