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Squad Closed

Fernando Roig has announced that the squad is closed for the upcoming year, with only a couple of players still to be sold/loaned. Hopefully we are set for the year. I think it is very unfortunate that we have not picked up some backup cover for the leftback position. Capdevila played more minutes than anyone last year, and again we are going to rely on him to play in every match this season, not to mention he will continue to be called up for Spain's national team.

I should know this, but, if it was necessary, are we allowed to pull from our B team during the course of the season, regardless of whether the transfer window is open? I seem to remember pulling a couple of players up for a UEFA Cup match last season in which we were desparate to put together a squad. I know there are a couple of decent defenders there, which could come in handy in an emergency.

It just does not make sense to me, though, to leave that backup spot empty. Who is our best cover right now, if he goes down? Can Ángel switch over, or possibly Godín? Fuentes?

On a more upbeat note, Senna was named to FIFA's Euro 2008 team of the tournament. Not that it wasn't expected. :)