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River to River via Submarine!

Over the last few hours our midfield situation has become clearer. We now know that Robert Flores is heading to River Plate (thanks alex!) in Argentina on loan. This could possibly have something to do with the deal we worked out with River for the 6 players. I think this could be a good move, we have seen how Mati has struggled coming directly from a lower quality league in Chile and the competition in Uruguay would be slightly lower again. So Flores will have the chance to improve his game and he will also be playing at a higher level and under slightly more pressure. River fans are a fickle bunch! He should settle in well though!

Onto Damian Escudero, during his presentation Roig said that he will be loaned out for next season. This was to be expected. He's slightly older than Flores and has had for years at the top level in Argentina so logically Europe is the next step. He would have struggled to get adequate playing time next season so a move to either Recre or Getafe is on the cards. I just hope he isn't snapped up by a big club if he performs exceptionally next season ala Caceres. This is the best move for him however and it should be announced in the next few days.

So with Ibagaza's confirmed signing our midfield looks something like this :
Senna, Bruno, Eguren, Edmilson, Pires, Mati, Cani, Santi and Ibagaza.

Enough creativity there for you?

Edit : And oh yeah I forgot, by moving to River Plate Flores will be following in the footsteps of the greatest Uruguayan footballer ever and the player who he is most likened to, the great Enzo Francescoli.