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Ibagaza is Official, and the Motherwell Saga

Villarreal have confirmed the signing of Ariel Ibagaza, as expected. If we sign anyone other than one more defender this summer, I would be shocked. Otherwise, it looks like the squad is closed for the season, other than those that still need to be offloaded.

Also, the Motherwell fracas continues. Mothwerwell alleges Villarreal backed out after signing a mandate saying they would participate, and that the cancellation was completely out of their control. According to various sources, Villarreal have stated Motherwell did not meet Villarreal's required match fee. Many observers have labeled Villarreal scoundrels for allegedly "backing out" of the match to honor Phil O'Donnell, and the British press has not been kind. None of us know all of the facts, but Villarreal is picking up some pretty bad press. I do not know how much of the criticism is fair, and how much isn't. Some might argue a match fee is somewhat heartless, considering the way O'Donnell died. But then, if Villarreal traveled to and played for free against every team that requested them, they would be out a ton of money. Villarreal is not exactly the wealthiest club in the world. I am sure there will be more about this in the future.