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Mavuba Is Sold

Rio Mavuba has made his transfer to Lille, the club he was loaned to in January, permanent. Villarreal will receive between 5 and 7 million euros, which should just about allow us to break even. I never quite understood things with Mavuba. He is still young (just turned 24 in March), but apparently could not grasp the concept of earning his place in the starting lineup. Rather than beat out Josico or Bruno, Mavuba began to complain early and often about his lack of playing time. This is despite his regular appearances in the UEFA Cup.

Hopefully, his move to Lille will let him flourish in a place he is more comfortable. He has tremendous talent, and it is a shame it did not work out at Villarreal. I am sure though, if Pellegrini let him leave, it was for the best.