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Weekend Update

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A few things have been floating around over the last couple of days:

1. Josemi is on his way to Mallorca. He never got much playing time at Villarreal, but he never complained too loudly. Good luck to him.

2. Villarreal have been linked with Inter's Burdisso. I don't expect this one to happen. Regardless, I think there has been a collective groan from a lot of Villarreal fans about it.

3. Escudero has been introduced. It is still unclear if he will be sticking around or if he will be loaned out. He seems very excited to have joined the team. I am curious if his acquisition could be the prerequisite to Cani's last shot to display consistency with Villarreal.

4. The Ibagaza deal is getting closer and closer. I mentioned the other day that it was a done deal. I guess I was wrong on that, but it should be cleared up soon enough.

5. Senna and Roig have made it clear that Senna will not be going anywhere. He will be the centerpiece of a thrilling 2008-2009 campaign, so it is good he will be sticking around!