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Player Profile : Jozy Altidore

Currently the youngest player in our squad at 18 years of age, Altidore was signed for $10 Million dollars from the New York Red Bulls. A true youth prodigy Altidore made his debut at the age of 16 and he scored his first goal two weeks later. In total he made 37 appearances for the Red Bull's scoring 15 times. Standing at over 6 foot Altidore is a big physical presence but not at all cumbersome. He has good feet and is not short on pace either, with a good eye for goal he has shown that he can play well as a second striker or in a front two. Indeed he formed a great partnership with Juan Pablo Angel in New York and he will find similar Latin influences in Vila-real. He has made three appearances for the USA national team and has also scored in one of them( a friendly against Mexico). He was a key part of the USA's U-20 World Cup side and he will once again play a major role when they head to Beijing for the Olympic Games. At first it was thought that Altidore would be loaned out but with Nihat's injury it now looks certain that he will be staying at El Madrigal.

If he lives up to the promise he's shown then surely he will be a great asset for Villareal.