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O Captain! My Captain!

courtesy of elperiodicomediterraneo.comimage courtesy

Marcos Senna, Villarreal captain and Euro 2008 hero, has pledged to play for Villarreal for life. It was most reassuring, watching Senna fly the Villarreal flag after Spain defeated Germany on Sunday, but there have been numerous rumours swirling lately, linking the midfielder with large clubs such as Juventus and Arsenal. But Senna made clear that he will be riding the Yellow Submarine until he retires. Yesterday, before leaving to vacation with his family in Sao Paulo, Senna said, "I am content here; I'm the happiest when I am at Villarreal. . . . Clearly, it is always good to receive offers from big clubs, but I have two more years of contract and I want to complete them more than anything. I do not want to play for any other team, either in Europe or in Brazil. I think only in Yellow." He went on to say, "I would like to retire at Villarreal."