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Damián Escudero!

Villarreal has completed the awesome signing of Damián Escudero! As expected before, the deal was to send Leandro Somoza in return. Since Somoza had no chance of playing here, it was an incredible deal for Villarreal. I really doubt he will find his way into the squad this year, but it is possible - we know (thanks to Nick's research) that even without a European passport, there is one spot left in the squad for him. Thoughts?

In the spirit of things, here is another awesome video of Escudero, thanks to a comment on

UPDATE: As noted by Alex, below, La Nacion in Argentina is reporting that Villarreal also paid 12m euros for Escudero. That is not in the report, but I guess could still be true. What I missed earlier, Villarreal maintained 80% of the economic rights in Somoza. So if he is sold, we benefit. Llaneza rocks.

UPDATE 2: I might have read that wrong. Eurosport says we only retained 20% interest. Can someone figure it out and comment below? Thanks!