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News Update

The captains for next season have been announced. They go in order from Josico, Senna, Javi Venta and Gonzalo. Pretty much as expected but this confirms Josico will be staying.

The training camp in Navata has now finished and the squad has returned to Vila-real to prepare for Wednesdays game against Liverpool. There is a good episode of Villarreal CF TV on the official site if anyone would like to check it out. It includes interviews with Altidore, Ibagaza and Pires and it gives a good insight into the workings of Villarreals preseason. Well worth the watch even if it is in Spanish! Link

Las Provincias has an article outlining the fact that Ariel Ibagaza is the 23rd Argentine to ply his trade at El Madrigal. The first Argentine import was back in 1959 and since then there has been a strong link between Villarreal and Argentina. The article also makes a point regarding the wealth of other South Americans that have played for Villarreal. Indeed since the clubs foundation we have had players from every South American country apart from Colombia.

And finally this season is being seen as the season where Bruno and Matias have to make their mark, they are both entering into their 2nd and 3rd seasons with the first team respectively. Bruno is now 24 and Mati 22. They will have to step up to the mark if they wish to find places in this now hugely competitive team. Bruno is being tried out by Pellegrini in the left back position and it looks like he is faring well. He will be some much needed cover for Capdevila in what will be an arduously long season. Matias will have to live up to the promise he has shown. He arrived in Spain as the best player in South America for that year but as yet has not produced that sparkling form. The honeymoon is over it's time to show what he can do. Can he return to those heights he scaled in the Copa Sudamericana? I think so.