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Many Topics to Update

Transfer rumors:
1) Senna has once and for all declared he is not going to England or to Turkey, despite Aragones' inquiries.
2) Josico has been told he still has the opportunity to win a spot on the team. Surely, the door is still open for his exit.
3) Also, Pellegrini has stated the squad is complete, but not 100% closed. Interesting....

Injury Update:
1) Fabricio Fuentes is back. After six months and six days, the central defender has obtained a medical release. He will be available for tomorrow's match against Reus.
2) Also, Mati will rejoin the squad, and is expected to play tomorrow.
3) Unfortunately, Godín, Josico and Nihat are still out. Nihat was expected - he will be out until October. Josico is demonstrating one of the primary reasons he does not fit in this year's squad - he has become injury prone. Godín, hopefully, will be back to 100% shortly.

American Player News:
villarrealcf.esAlthough Jozy has already confirmed his place in the squad through December, Pellegrini has joined in. Pellegrini stated Jozy was expected to be loaned out, but due to Nihat's injury, he will be staying through the fall.

Also, VillarrealTV will present interviews from the preseason in Navata, which will include some one-on-one with Altidore. I will get the link up when they upload the broadcast.

That's all until tomorrow. The match against Reus will go forward at (I believe) 2pm eastern, and I will put a recap up once I get the info. ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!