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Match Recap: Vilamalla - Villarreal

Villarreal comfortably slid by Vilamalla, 0-10. So far, Villarreal have now outscored much lower competition by a total score of 0-22. Not a bad start, no matter who you play.


First Half: Viera; Venta, Gonzalo, Cygan, Bruno; Cani, Eguren, Edmilson, Pires; Franco and Llorente.

Second Half: Diego Lopez; Angel, Kiko, Gonzalo, Jordi Oriol; Ibagaza, Eguren, Jordi Pablo, Pirés; Cristóbal and Rubén. In the 61', Edu, Joan Tomás and Matilla entered replacing Gonzalo, Pirés and Eguren.

Despite the lopsided score, the goals came from unexpected players: two goals from central defender Gonzalo; another goal from Edmilson, a defensive midfielder (two in two matches); and the B squad continued to be impressive playing the second half, with Joan Tomás and Cristóbal both netting doubles. For those interested, Cani had three assists in the first half.

0-1: Guille (10’); 0-2: Gonzalo (13’); 0-3: Edmilson (20’); 0-4: Gonzalo (38’); 0-5: Pirés (40’); 0-6: Cristóbal (55’) ; 0-7: Rubén (74’); 0-8 Joan Tomás (83’); 0-9: Joan Tomás (84’); 0-10: Cristóbal (90’).

And, very interesting, Bruno started at left back. Not wholly unexpected, by any means, since his installation as a left back had been rumored for a while here and elsewhere, it is a relief to see a backup for Capdevila. Also, while probably carrying little significance, Viera started in place of Diego Lopez. I do not think anyone expects Viera to win the starting job; perhaps it was to be a confidence boost.

wikipediaVillarreal now have a short turnaround before their Friday friendly against CF Reus Deportiu. Reus is another Catalan club, this one playing in the Tercera División - Group 5, after having been relegated three years ago from Segunda B (2005-2006).
image courtesy wikipedia