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Update on a Couple of Things

Just a quick couple of notes:

1) The match against Vilamalla starts at 1:30 eastern time, so just a few more minutes. Unfortunately, the link a couple of posts down to the match tracker indicates a start time of 9:00pm local time, which is 3et. So, not sure if that is going to be up to date or not.

2) Rumors about Edu are continuing. Apparently Villarreal have put a bid in - which would make me wrong earlier, and, if the bid were accepted, would create a veritable glut of strikers (Rossi, Nihat (when healthy in October), Franco, Llorente, Altidore, Edu). I know there is a lot of playing time next season, but would we really need 6 strikers? Unless Pellegrini deviates from the 4-4-2 into some striker-heavy formation, it would seem overkill. But, of course, who am I to dictate player personell decisions?

3) Godin and Josico are suffering minor injuries, and might miss today's friendly. Too bad, especially about Godin - he and Gonzalo need to get back on the same page before the Liverpool friendly at the end of the month.

4) Finally, Villarreal might see a piece of the action (financially) if Riquelme is sold by Boca Juniors. That would be an interesting little twist.

So, without any more to say, ENDAVANT VILLARREAL!