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Matchday: Preseason #2 - Vilamalla

Well, Villarreal take on the storied Catelonian program of Vilamalla (couldn't find anything on it anywhere, so just a link to the town's wikipedia page), a Second Regional team (for comparison, Navata was a Third Regional team, a step down). It should be an easy victory for Villarreal, and it will be the first opportunity for Pires, Gonzalo, Eguren and Godin to participate in a match with the rest of the team this season. Hopefully Fuentes and Mati will get the opportunity to play as well, but it is doubtful.

The last time the clubs met, during last year's preseason, Villarreal defeated the Catalan side 0-4, with Nihat (2 goals), Tomasson and Jose Mari scoring. Obviously, none of those three players will be on the pitch, as Tomasson has headed off to Feyenoord last month, and Jose Mari was handed to Betis last summer. The previous year, the score was slightly more comfortable, at 1-10.

For anyone wishing to follow the match live (or close thereto), will track the match.

And, finally, in a completely unrelated note, but since there have been conflicting reports, is also reporting Jozy will be in the squad until at least the winter transfer window, due to Nihat's injury. That should give him plenty of time to exhibit to Pellegrini the skills he will bring to the table.