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Injuries and Speculation

image courtesy; showing Llorente, Fuentes, Cani, Javi Venta, and the faceless Diego Lopez

Villarreal is completing its last three-a-days today, beginning in villarrealcf.esNavata and ending in Vilamalla, the site of tomorrow's 7pm local-time matchup.

Some good news, some semi-good news when it comes to Villarrea's injuries. First, the good news: Pires has been reincorporated into the squad after his tendon issues earlier in the week, and it is likely he will get some action during tomorrow's friendly against Vilamalla. And then the semi-good news: Nihat's recovery seems to be making progress, and although it is moving faster than expected and he is currently experiencing no pain, it will still be October before he comes back.

Transfer speculation continues with regard to strikers, presumably because of Nihat's slow recovery from injury. Villarreal's early-summer interest in Edu is alleged to have been reignited, as Edu and Betis seem to be hopelessly deadlocked. It is rumored we have offered six million euros, but I doubt it. It feels like Villarreal is content with its striking contingent.

And on the striking note, there are still rumors going around stating Villarreal will loan out Jozy Altidore. Of course, if you look closely at all at tribalfootball's rumor, they cite El Mediterraneo; however, El Mediterraneo specifically said today that Jozy will be in Villarreal's squad for the first match of the season against Osasuna. Tribalfootball thus reinforces its image as mere rubbish.