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Villarreal "Squeaks By" Navata


Villarreal just managed to pull out a victory at Navata on Sunday, 0-12. Admittedly, Navata is a regional team, but it is always nice to see a 12-goal victory. There are very few details available at the moment, but Guille Franco was the leading scorer for the second innaugural preseason match in a row, scoring a hat trick.

All four new players - Jozy, Ibagaza, Llorente and Edmilson got playing time. Fuentes, Mati, and Pires were held out over injury concerns. Very little other information is available right now, but I will update the post as I get more.

UPDATE: The official release on the match came out from Villarreal:

Villarreal Lineup (Villarreal B squad call-ups indicated with a (B)):

First Half:
Diego López; Javi Venta, Kiko (B), Cygan, Ángel; Cani, Edmilson, Bruno, Ibagaza; Llorente and Guille Franco.

Second Half:
Sebastian Viera; Matilla (B), Omar (B), Edu (B); Jordi Pablo (B); Josico, Marcos Gullón (B), Joan Oriol (B); Altidore, Cristóbal (B) and Rubén (B).

Scoring Summary: 0-1: Guille Franco (13'). 0-2: Edmilson, "golazo" (26'). 0-3: Guille Franco (42'). 0-4: Llorente (43'). 0-5: Guille Franco, assisted by Ibagaza (45'). 0-6: Rubén (51'). 0-7: Rubén (58'). 0-8: Jordi Pablo (61'). 0-9: Cristóbal (63'). 0-10: Matilla (68’). 0-11: Omar (70’). 0-12: Cristóbal (76’).

My main thoughts are with the defensive lineup. The scoring is great, but going up against a lower-level team like Navata, the goals better be there. Obviously, VIllarreal were shorthanded in defense, but it is still noteworthy that Pellegrini lined Ángel up at leftback with the starting 11. For newcomers, Capdevila is the starter, no question. From there, though, it is less clear, but it looks like Ángel and Bruno will back Capdevila up. And a last thought, I was very excited to see Edmilson and Llorente get in on the scoring; I think it exhibits some very good progress for them with the team. And although Altidore did not get on the scoreboard on his last day with the team, I feel confident he has done enough over the last few days to secure a spot with the first team.