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Rumors, Rumors, & Transfers

Lots of rumors flying around, and a little actual action. First, Tomasson has made the return trip to Feyenoord. Good luck to him, and hopefully he will be able to perform there like he did the last time played in Rotterdam. Next, as mentioned here previously, but now confirmed, Jonathan is on his way to Racing for a year-long loan. Assuming they can fix their stadium issues, he will get European competition next year in the UEFA Cup.

Rumors are that Villarreal has agreed to a swap of Somoza for Damián Escudero (Vélez Sársfield midfielder, Argentinian). If nothing else, there are definitely reports that Villarreal is interested. I guess Llaneza was not kidding when he said we would look wherever the talent is! But surely, Escudero would not ply his trade in Vila-Real this fall? He is very young, and our midfield seems pretty much sewn shut.

Also in the rumors category, there is more and more reported interest in Senna by Arsenal. Hopefully, the reports of Senna's €36m buyout clause, as well as statements by Roig, including "Senna and Rossi are happy here and will stay at Villarreal", are true. We need Senna this year. He is our captain, and we need him to keep waving the VCF flag.

EDIT: Thanks to Nick for the following video: