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2008/2009 Schedule Released

Villarreal's 2008/2009 schedule has been released by LFP. provides it here in easy-to-read format.

Villarreal start the season out 8/31 at Osasuna. From there, the schedule continues (the second half of the season is the reverse of the first half):

2. Deportivo
3. @ Numancia
4. Racing
5. @Sporting
6. Betis
7. @Espanyol
8. Atlético
9. @Athletic
10. Almeria
11. @Málaga
12. Valladolid
13. @Recreativo
14. Getafe
15. @ Sevilla
16. Barcelona
17. @ Real Madrid
18. @Valencia
19. Mallorca

Wow. The stretch of Sevilla, Barcelona, Madird and Valencia is going to be brutal. There is a break (Christmas) between the first Barca and Madrid matches, but that will not be fun regardless.