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Mati's Injury : Analysis

As Maddi mentioned in his previous post Matias will not be able to take a full part in preseason. He suffered an injury to his left hip around March of last year however he still remained active in the squad until the seasons end. After being examined further it was then deemed that Matias should take a complete break from football over the summer. Incidentally this would be his first completely free summer since he turned professional. Over past summers he has taken part in U-20 World Cups, World Cup Qualifying and last years Copa America. He withdrew from the Chilean national side for their Qualifying games Hopefully the break will have done him good and he should be at maximum capacity for the seasons beginning. He will need to be because competition for places will be very tough this year. Mati, Pires,Cani, Santi and Ibagaza will all be jostling for the two attacking midfield positions employed by Pellegrini. Arguably Mati's best position is in behind the striker not out on the wing but that's for another day. Animo Mati!