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Jozy Still May Leave on Loan

image courtesy / reuters
Manuel Pellegrini stated yesterday that the club has not shut out the option of reinforcing the squad further, despite President Roig's statements that the team was closed. In making his remarks, Pellegrini specifically focused on the striker position, because of Nihat's injury, adding that Jozy might be loaned out. Prior to his comments, I had been under the impression Jozy was definitely sticking around, especially with Nihat's injury, I thought Pellegrini considered him to be vital to the team's plans. Talking about Jozy yesterday, he said, ""He's going to workout about 10 days with us, then will go to the [Olympics] and [after he returns] again, we'll then decide whether he will stay or be transferred."

So, I guess going into the Olympics, Jozy must know his performance there could play a big part in whether he gets to begin his Spanish days with Villarreal, or whether he will be loaned out. Will be very interesting to watch. I would personally like to see him stay, but I trust Pellegrini's judgment on this one.

Also, a very good Sports Illustrated article on Jozy. This was posted the other day by ?Alex?