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Transfer Season Continues

UPDATE: Thanks to Alex for the update: as announced by Villarreal on their website, Villarreal have loaned Escudero to Valladolid for the season. Should be a good place for him to develop.

Also, although it was pretty much expected, Ruben has been officially loaned back to Recre for another year. It will be interesting, if Rossi sticks around for another year after this, and if Llorente and Altidore secure their positions with the club, whether Ruben will fit into the squad a year from now, or if he will again have to find room with another team. Anyone have any thoughts on his future?


With preseason training only a couple of days away, there are quite a few rumors about players needing to be loaned out or sold. First, despite all efforts by Villarreal to release Josico, he refuses to consider another team, and has told his agent not to negotiate with any other clubs. Marquitos is still with Villarreal, the club so far having been unable to offload him. They hope to work something out by Monday, but if they cannot, he will travel with the team for preseason. But Marcos' situation is in contrast with that of Escudero, where the list of teams signing up to have him on loan for the upcoming season are "endless".

Also, on the other side of the coin, Villarreal have now been linked with another player. He is Thiago Silva, a Brasilian defender from Fluminense. Unfortunately, still not a left back! Of course, just because Fernando Roig said the Villarreal sqaud was "closed", you did not think that would be the end of transfer speculation, did you? ;)