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A Lack of Left Backs?

credit grougets.comNow with Roig announcing that the squad is closed we are left with the possibility of having no natural left back cover. At the moment we have 3 players for the two fullback positions , the right sided Javi Venta and Angel and the solitary Capdevila on the left side. With both Javi Venta and Capdevila in their 30s and with the large amount of games we will be playing there will have to be some sort of rotation.
Angel is capable of standing in at left back but it isn't the same as a natural left footer. Bruno is a midfield player but I'd say that if we were in dire need he could fill the void.

We have signed a left sided defender for Villarreal B, Joan Oriol so if we did have a disastrous amount of injuries he could be brought up. It will be interesting to see if he gets any game time during pre season.

Now we all know that Presidents do tend to tell white lies now and then and there could be the small chance of one more signing. A Uruguayan newspaper reported that representatives from Villarreal came to watch Penarols Gerardo Alcoba a left back. Unfortunately he was sent off not too long into the game and will miss the next match as well. That may have put paid to any chances of a deal.