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Transfer Rumor Update

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Just a quick post tonight, as I just got back in town after a short vacation.

A couple of not-too-friendly transfer rumors have been stirring the pot as of late. The first is that Lazio are interested in pulling Mati away. This would be a terrible move for all parties. First, for Villarreal, losing someone as talented and promising as Mati would be devastating. For Lazio, it doesn't make sense, because Mati is still adapting to Spain - to pull him away and put him in another new culture would slow down his progress. And for Mati - he is the heir apparent to Pires, and with Pires' age and the number of Champions League matches to be played this year, in addition to the Copa and Liga, Mati will have plenty of playing time.

Also, has reported that Arsenal has shown interest in Senna after his superb performance in Euro 2008. I do not see this as even a remote possibility. He is over 30, which puts him out of Wenger's age-range. Also, I do not see him leaving to England, if he were to go anywhere (which I do not think he will). Senna fits the Spanish (or Italian, I guess) style of play perfectly, because of the precise amount of physicality he adds to a silky-smooth way with the ball. England has plenty of physicality, and players are not given as much time with the ball over there. His skills would suffer there, and I do not see him making such a drastic move at this point in his career. Two years ago to Manchester was a possibility, but now, if he were to move (again - I would be shocked), I think it would be to Italy.

Also, Villarreal has finalized purchasing 50% interests in six River Plate players. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out down the road.

...And by the way, incredible match yesterday. I am not going to bother with in depth analysis, since that has been done and done and done, but all three Submariners were top drawer in yesterday's Final. Congratulations to them. Senna was my man of the match and Spain's man of the tournament, in my opinion. Seeing him waving the Villarreal flag at the end of the match was indescribably incredible. What an amazing club we are all fans of! Vamos Villarreal!