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Villarreal's News Coverage

"Villarreal" has been mentioned (and mispronounced) in the US media probably more in the last 36 hours than they have in the last two years combined. And why? Not their second-place finish, or Champions League qualification, but the signing of a very talented, but largely unproven, up and coming star from America. Don't get me wrong - I am excited by it and think it is great for the club. It is just frustrating that one of the best clubs in Europe can be so easily ignored on this side of the Atlantic. But things seem to be looking up, for sure. I just hope people begin to notice the club for their skill, beauty and strong management, in addition to whatever free hype they get from the Altidore signing

Interesting note: in an interview Altidore gave tonight on ESPN2 during the Chivas/Red Bulls MLS game, he said he is thrilled about going to play in the second-best league in the world. ...Second best, eh? Not the way to get in great with the teammates.