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More Transfer Stuff

It is rumored that Lucho is a target again of Villarreal. The talk is that Villarreal recognize the need to get a big-name player in order to make a big impact in the Champions League, and Lucho might be interested since Porto got kicked out of the CL. He would be a huge addition, but his signing would most certainly indicate Bruno will be spending a season with someone else.

Villarreal talked about having a fairly quiet summer. It is quickly turning into a pretty adventurous one! I wonder if some of the talk was to keep some of these potential signings out of the limelight in order to facilitate them. And, at the rate we are going, there is going to be a "Villarreal L" team - that is, an entire team that could compete in La Liga (at least good enough to avoid relegation) that is out on Loan!