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Altidore Deal Done

UPDATE #2: Altidore might be loaned out abroad. No other details, but just a statement that it is not likely to be Recre, and could be somewhere else in Europe. Interesting...

UPDATE: A plethora of links:

Sports Illustrated,, New York Times, ESPNSoccernet,

Various US media sources are reporting Villarreal and MLS have reached a deal to sign Jozy Altidore from the New York Red Bulls. He will be loaned out to Recre once he is officially owned by Villarreal.

I have to admit, although I do not have the biggest appreciation of American football skill, (despite living here - I know, I know), I think Altidore might be the real deal. He is big, young, and has a nose for the goal. Not to mention, he could seriously build up the American fan base for Villarreal. It is a good move for the club as well, from that perspective. Of course, if they really want to attract English-speaking fans, they need to keep the English version of updated much more frequently.

Somewhat related, since it looks like the Altidore purchase was from funds acquired from his sale, Caceres has officially been sold to Barca. Hopefully Cygan will be an acceptable backup - he should be fresh next year, considering his lack of playing time this year, which will help his longevity throughout the season. I am just scared we might have to go looking for another centerback when the winter window opens.