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Defensive "Replacement" & Rumors Again

Well, Villarreal have replaced Caceres before he is out the door - with a familiar face. Pascal Cygan is going to sign a contract renewal, which will mean it will be a familiar defense next season. Right now, it will be Godin, Gonzalo, Cygan and Fuentes in the center-back position.

And in a rumor that has failed to go away, Marca is reporting Villarreal will use the proceeds from the Caceres sale to sign Jozy Altidore from the New York Red Bulls. According to Marca, he would be loaned out to Recre. I do not know if this has any chance of happening, but this would have a pretty big affect on the American fanbase. Not sure exactly what would happen, but Altidore is becoming one of the stars of the US after his performance at the recent U-21 World Cup. Thoughts on how things would be if he was signed?