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News Update :

The agent of Ariel Ibagaza has asked for a meeting with the Directors of Majorca with a view to finalizing the deal that will bring him to El Madrigal. The Balearic club are currently in a financial crisis and with Ibagaza being one of their bigger earners it seems that his departure would be a necessary sacrifice.

Some bad news on the Nihat front, it now seems that he will not recover until September, meaning that he will possibly miss some of the Champions League games. However he has remained positive and says that he hopes to recover 'pronto!'

River Plate are supposedly interested in bringing Fuentes back to Argentina, he has said that he is flattered by their interest but also that he hopes to be a key part in Pellegrini's plans for next season. I hope he stays, he's excellent cover for Gonzalo or Godin.
River have also agreed to Villarreals offer of 9 million Euros for 50% of the rights of 6 of their players. More on this later.