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Injury Updates, Transfers & Insults

Injuries (UPDATED)

Of great concern today, at least to me since I have not heard anything else about it, is the status of Nihat. he was pulled out of the match in the 117' against Croatia (one of the more stunning matches I have ever watched), with what appeared to be a groin or quad strain. It did not look too serious, but with Turkey down to a total of about 2 1/2 players to start the match against Germany because of suspension and injury, I am scared the Turkish doctors could let him play in a situation where he should rest. I am sure he wants to represent his country - I just do not want him hurting himself seriously doing it!

Update: Nihat said this last night about his injury: "I do not know yet how I am. Tomorrow, I will do a MRI to check on my condition. But right now I am not thinking about that."

On to good news: Fabricio Fuentes is approaching 100% fitness, and should be able to fully participate in preseason. He will be necessary depth this year, so hopefully he can stay healthy.


Rio Mavuba has officially moved on to Lille. In a rare deal that did not work well for Villarreal, Mavuba did not flourish here. Perhaps his fortunes will change in France.

Rumor has it that Jon Dahl Tomasson will be headed to Feyenoord, in the Netherlands. The oft-traveling striker has served Villarreal well; I am sure he will succeed wherever he turns up.


Carlo Ancelotti has declared Capdevila to be Spain's weak link. This does two things: (1) confirms Ancelotti is nothing but an empty sack in a fine Italian suit; and (2) makes me want Spain to thoroughly thrash Italy, whereas before I simply wanted a Spanish victory in a highly-competitive match.