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Lucho Rumors

Lucho is again being rumored by Marca as a potential reinforcement in the Villarreal midfield. I don't think there is even a remote shot at this any more. Admittedly, he has announced he is ready to move on from Porto. Although he can play a central or wing position, Villarreal are solid in midfield thoughout, and do not need his services. The only possibility in my mind is if Robert is to be loaned out prior to next season, and Lucho comes in to give us added depth at the attacking midfield position.

But who would he replace? Cazorla seems to have locked up his position, and although Pires will not play every match, putting Lucho in there could really disrupt the chemistry - and paying that much for a player, you have to play him regularly.

Perhaps Cani would be the unlucky one, losing out on almost all of his time on the pitch? I don't know. I think Cani is going to regain some of his form this year and will fight for much more playing time.

I think Lucho is a great player, but I just do not know if he would work with the team the way it is right now. But hey, I have been known to be wrong on many occasions!