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The Non-EU Problem?

Well in fact there is none! I was pleasantly surprised today to find out that Villarreal will not be over the quota of 3 non-Eu players for next season. I was under the impression that our slots were full but on further investigation it appears that our board our very shrewd in their market dealings. Here's a list of Villarreals imports not born in the European Union, all but two however are able to claim European passports.

  • Sebastian Viera, Uruguay, Italy
  • Gonzalo Rodríguez, Argentina, Spain
  • Fabricio Fuentes, Argentina, Italy
  • Guillermo Franco, Mexico, Italy
  • Edmilson, Brazil, Italy
  • Diego Godín, Uruguay, Italy
  • Jozy Altidore, USA, Haiti
  • Sebastian Eguren, Uruguay
  • Matias Fernandez, Chile

So that just leaves two non-Eu players, Fernandez and Eguren, Altidore does not count because of his Haitian parentage and he comes under the Kolpak ruling. This applies to players coming from Africa, Haiti etc.

So all in all we are well and truly covered for next season if Pellegrini decides that Altidore and Flores are going to be staying with us.