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Robert has arrived

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Villarreal have introduced Robert Flores - presumably to be called Robert? - today in la ciudad deportiva. We will not know for a while whether he will be joining the team next year, but it will be interesting to see how he performs in preseason.

Also, interestingly, Llaneza has announced there will be one more signing before the transfer season is out. Any thoughts on who it might be? I am thinking it will be either Pedro León, the Levante midfielder, based on all of the recent speculation, or possibly Mané from Almeria. I would really like to see it be Mané - we have plenty of options in midfield right now, with the addition of Robert, but left back is a question mark when it comes to depth. Adding Mané, Villarreal would be absolutely rock solid in every position, and would have the depth to seriously, seriously challenge in all three competitions in the 2008/09 campaign. So, Llaneza, if you are listening...a left back please?

In terms of transfers out, I have not been putting anything up here as of yet. It seems pretty clear Tomasson, Josemi, Somoza, and Josico are all going to be sold. A number of others will be loaned out. That will all be updated as it happens. Regardless of where they go, best of luck to them.

And finally, a question. Le agradecería alguna información de los españoles contingente, por favor. Has anyone heard anything about a new shirt/new sponsor for the upcoming season? I thought I heard earlier this year that Aeroport Castelló will be replaced. Is there any truth to that?