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Transfer News

A couple of things have popped up today. First, Robert Flores may be sticking around alongside Altidore. Surely this creates some speculation that Cani's role will be even more limited next year, but adding him to our attacking midfielders gives some reassuring depth - no matter what Pellegrini says, having only one backup for each position is a little dicey. This would provide a third option in case either Cazorla or Pires were injured.

Also, Josico is out of Pellegrini's plans and may be moving. It will be somewhat sad to see the captain moving on, but he hardly provided anything last year, and he is injury-prone.

Finally, it appears Jonathan has earned a promotion from Racing Ferrol, and will be loaned out to Racing Santander. Excellent move for Villarreal, as he can now get some European experience.