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Altidore Again

Have been doing a lot of commenting on Jozy Altidore a lot lately, but I guess this is, after all.

As I mentioned the other day, there is the possibility Altidore will stay with the Villarreal first team and will not be loaned out next year. New reports are making it look even more likely that the club is seriously considering keeping him in house.

This would make things interesting, for sure. I cannot see him getting a ton of playing time to start off. I believe the starting lineup up top will usually be a combination Llorente/Franco with Nihat/Rossi. There would be very little room for Altidore to get a lot of playing time in there, and he would probably be used a lot in the Copa del Rey.

And, although I mentioned it previously, I really do not think there is any chance Altidore would be a straight replacement for a Franco release/sale. Jozy just does not have the experience in a big-time league with the type of competition he will be facing to replace Franco without some other backup player coming in.