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Altidore Update

Jozy Altidore will be presented at El Madrigal on Wednesday. His personal terms with the club are reportedly for SIX years. That is a huge span of time. I should know this, but is that Villarreal's normal appraoch? I believe Diego Lopez and Rossi were six-year terms. But other recent signings, I believe, were only 4 years (Llorente, Eguren). Does it have something to do with age? Since Altidore is only 18, he will theoretically just be hitting his prime in 4 or 5 years.

Also, Marca reports he will train pre-season with the club, and Pellegrini will decide his future at that point, including whether to loan him out. Of course, you can't believe everything Marca writes, and this seems to go against all other reports suggesting a loan deal is almost completed. However, El Periodico Mediterraneo is reporting the same, and that Altidore could find a first team position. That would be a surprise, but the club might be looking to offload Franco without bringing in another player - I am just not sure if he is ready. I do think that Villarreal might see this as a huge marketing opportunity.