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Match Preview: Recreativo Huelva v Villarreal 5.6.08

Villarreal travel to Huelva to play a difficult Villarreal side . . . no, not really, but it does feel that way with Caceres, Marcos and Ruben all suiting up against the team that owns their rights. Hopefully all three will be dressed in yellow in August, but right now, they have the difficult job of playing against their future employers, knowing that if Recre wins, it could seriously impact Villarreal's attempt to secure second place.

At the same time, Recreativo finds itself in the relegation zone, so they have everything to play for themselves.

Most of the La Liga attention on Wednesday will be focused on the Bernebeu this weekend, both for Madrid's championship celebration, and of course the visit of Barcelona. This is a big match for Villarreal, because if Villarreal take care of business on the road and Madrid defeats an up and down Barca squad, Villarreal will secure second place with a seven point cushion. I REALLY hate wanting Madrid to win.

Villarreal should have no problem with the struggling Huelva side. Villarreal come in on a tremendous hot streak, while Recre come in having lost five of their last nine (along with two wins and two draws).

Injury Update: Fuentes is out, of course, as is Josico. Bruno has sprained his ankle and will not be able to play, but Eguren will return from his suspension. Otherwise healthy!

Squad: Diego Lopez and Viera; Javi Venta, Angel, Josemi, Gonzalo, Godin, Cygan, Capdevila; Marcos Senna, Eguren, Cani, Cazorla, Pires, Mati Fernandez, Nihat; Guille, Rossi and Tomasson.

Prediction: Villarreal must stay on good form if they expect to hold off a Barcelona squad that decimated Valencia 6-0 over the weekend. Barcelona have a good chance at knocking off Madrid who must be a little less excited about the match, since they have secured the title. Villarreal are playing one of the lower-level teams in La Liga, but a dangerous team nonetheless. In the end, Villarreal will continue its current win streak, and will pull out the win, 0-2. Vamos Villarreal!