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Updates, Expected and Not

A few things before I take off for the weekend:

Josemi is on his way out. I think this was expected by everyone. He did not play much at all, and when he did, it was hit or miss. I hope he moves to a club that will be able to give him enough playing time. I think with more time on the pitch, he would be a much stronger player.

Cygan might be staying around? Apparently, Villarreal have asked Cygan to wait on any offers, as they might be interested in giving him a new contract if Caceres ends up heading to Barcelona. I don't know about this. Cygan has been great to the club - don't get me wrong. He has exhibited stellar play at times. The problem is his age. He is getting slower. While very technically skilled, his lack of speed was exposed against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, when Messi twice took him for yellow cards. I just think, when playing Champions League football, we have to have players who are young enough to keep going multiple times a week, and I think Cygan is getting past that stage. If he ends up staying, I think he will be a great backup, but I just think we need to look elsewhere.

Somoza is back. This had completely escaped me. He had the year over at Betis, and hardly a mention of him has cropped up in Villarreal press. The situation hasn't really changed since last year. He is a good player, but we have our midfield wingers, and Pellegrini is not a huge fan of his. So what happens next? Is he sold? Loaned out again? Somehow incorporated into the side? I think he must be on his way out somewhere, and we should get maximum value for him by selling him now. He is 27 years old, and this year he played less for Betis than he did last year with us. No point in hanging onto a player who is declining and will not be in our squad.

And, in club news, Villarreal will host Liverpool on the 30th of July in what should be an amazing match. I would love to see Diego Lopez outshine former Yellow Pepe Reina, and to see the Villarreal defenders shut down Torres.