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Ruben Questions Answered

Questions surrounding the future of Villarreal's winter striker signing have been answered, it seems. Villarreal are discussing the possibility of loaning the 21-year-old out to Valladolid. Seems like a pretty good deal for Valladolid - they sell us Llorente, and then get a replacement striker on loan.

And really, this is another step on creating the perfect football club. Villarreal already have an incredible front office - Roig and Llaneza. They also have great leadership in the form of Pellegrini; and although he will not be there forever, he is creating a style of play at Villarreal that will influence the club for many years to come. And Villarreal also has an extensive youth development program.

So how does this loan show an added dimension? Villarreal are developing strong working relationships with some lower/mid-level teams in La Liga. Recreativo is another club with which Villarreal has a good relationship. Having clubs such as these which are perfect squads to loan players out to, and can also be funnels for players into the Yellow Submarine, can only help Villarreal in the long run. Thoughts?