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Rumors Still Flying

Everywhere you turn, Villarreal are linked to more players, or are players are linked out of El Madrigal. As mentioned earlier, Edú has turned down Betis' offer, making his progress to Villarreal that much more likely. Whether it will happen or not is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, conflicting reports on Cáceres keep Villarreal's defensive line undecided. It seems Villarreal have stated he is staying, and the back line is closed up (meaning we are facing ANOTHER season with a sole leftback - not a good idea). This would mean that moves for Mane and Campbell are off. Of course, now the Yellow Submarine has been linked with John Arne Riise, which throws everything into doubt again. Not to mention, Barcelona are still aiming at bringing in Cáceres. So, what does this mean? Who knows. If you know, I would be happy to hear it.