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Eguren Signed Permanently

Sebastian Eguren signed a three-year deal with Villarreal to transfer from Swedish side Hammerby. He played well for Villarreal during the second half of the campaign, and by signing him permanently, Villarreal keeps the center-midfield position strong and deep. Eguren brings a no-holds-barred approach to the game, ready to pick up the hard foul when necessary (and sometimes when not necessary!) The only drawback to his play is that he will get suspended a couple of times during the season for yellow-card accumulation.

Also on the transfer side - Marca is reporting interest by Villarreal in Betico striker Edu. Would this be instead of Llorente? In addition? There was at least one match this year in which Nihat, Tomasson, and Guille Franco were all out, and only Rossi was available - would a fifth striker be helpful? How would playing time work out?