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Transfer Season Begins

Now that the season has come to a fantastic conclusion, it is time to begin looking forward to next season. Fernando Roig announced the squad will be added to by the end of the week - at least one, and maybe two players - but that not many changes would be made because of the cohesiveness of the team.

One of these will probably be Edmilson. Hopefully the fountain of youth that is Villarreal will have its typical effects on the Brasilian midfielder. He does have a good bit of European experience which will be important in the upcoming season.

A couple of expected notes: Tomasson should be on his way out. He gave a year and a half of good service, but this year was not in top form and managed only three Liga goals. Even if he is the fourth striking option, the team needs more from him. A Llorente, Crouch, or someone else will be more productive in his spot.

Also, Josico will likely stick around, in a similar role to the one he played this year. This means mostly support, with very little playing time. With the number of injuries he has suffered, and the fact he has lost a step, the one facet he can be trusted for is leadership.

Keep checking in for updates during the summer on transfers and plans for next season. It is only three months away!