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Depor-Villarreal Match Update

GOAL Matigol! Scores in the 35th minute, assisted by Joan Capdevila. Are Villarreal on their way to winning their 6th straight and 11th of their last 14? Prior to this match, Villarreal have taken 31 of their last possible 39 points. One thing Pellegrini knows - how to finish off a season!

UPDATE: Guille Franco scores in the 93d minute to finish off Villarreal's best-ever season in second place! Capdevila with another assist. Match FINAL: Deportivo 0-2 Villarreal.

And Villarreal now finishes the season with 6 straight wins - a stretch during which they did not allow a single goal (540 minutes). What a finish to an incredible season! Vamos Villarreal! Truly spectacular.