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Preview: Villarreal - Espanyol 5.10.08 (Part 2)

It sounds like it will be a great time in Vila-Real today, as the celebrations are overtaking the entire city. The town will be welcoming their champions for the final home match of the season, where the outcome really has little meaning.

Villarreal will have 19 players available - Diego Lopez, Viera; Javi Venta, Josemi, Godin, Gonzalo, Cygan, Capdevila; Pires, Senna, Cazorla, Mati, Cani, Bruno, Eguren; Nihat, Rossi, Tomasson, Guille Franco. Fuentes and Josico are out through injury, and Angel will miss the match for personal reasons.

Prediction: The club will want to win for the fans, but admittedly the desire must have dropped a bit since second place is secure. However, revenge will be on Villarreal's mind thinking back to that 3-0 drubbing they received on their last trip to the city of Barcelona to face the Parakeets. Final Score: 4-1, which means Villarreal will lose their clean-sheet streak at home. Vamos Villarreal!